Frequently asked questions

In most cases we are able to provide warranty services for all represented manufacturer devices that have been sold within the European Union and European Economic Area. Almost all manufacturers divide their devices by regions, each device has its own unique serial number (IMEI code) that is tied to a specific country, which showcases the intended sales region.

The necessary things for submitting a mobile phone for warranty service are – valid purchase document, battery and the phone itself. If the device has issues with accessories, for example, earphones are not working or the device is not charging, it is advised to submit the device with accessories (charger or earphones).

For most smartphones glass screen, touchscreen panel and the display module are provided as one part, where all the components are assembled by the manufacturer. Due to this reason, it is not possible for the service centre to replace only a singular component. The components are provided as one part as only the manufacturer has the necessary technologies that allow to provide quality part assembly to ensure the peak touchscreen performance.

Replacement of the battery is dependent on the way the phone is built, in most cases the battery is glued to the screen or back cover, if it is necessary to separate the battery from the glued part during disassembly it is dangerous to re-use the part as it can become deformed and such battery has a greater risk of ignition, which can lead to accidents. To ensure device safety, some of the leading phone manufacturers provide free battery replacement also for out-of-warranty repairs, if a repair is being carried out by an authorized service centre.

In order to perform diagnostics for smartphones it is necessary to perform factory reset, in this way the diagnostics results are not affected by customer’s data or any third-party applications. Additionally, to ensure that the device is working in the most optional way, manufacturers request that software for each warranty device is rewritten during the repair process. If the customer device has important personal data (gallery, contacts etc.) it is necessary to save it before the repair or request paid service of data saving when submitting the device for repair. 

Disabling the function is a requirement from the manufacturer, this is how they make sure that the person who submits the device for service is the owner of the device. It is not possible for service centre to repair or replace a device if this function is active. For this reason, when you are submitting your device for repairs, remember to always disable the function. If it is not possible to disable the function in the device due to device fault, you can do it online at

The service centre works in accordance with Personal Data Processing Law and abides by high norms of ethics. Your data will never be in the hands of any third party and is not viewed by our employees.

As an authorized service provider, we only use original spare parts which are received directly from the device manufacturers.

Yes, removal is paid service, but you will need to provide proof of purchase to be eligible for this service. TSC has high standards of ethics, and we would not want to remove codes/accounts for stolen or lost devices, for this reason when removal service is requested it is necessary to provide proof of purchase to establish ownership of the device.

Please remember that you are responsible for packaging the device in a safe way. We advise packing the device in a box (or the original sales kit) and securing the device with safe material. When a device is received in the service centre it is processed under a high-quality camera where the packaging and the visual assessment of the received device can be seen. All the shipments are insured and in cases where the device has received damage due to delivery service mismanagement, the damage will be compensated. 

How to send my device to the service centre?

1. Submit your device!
1. Submit your device! With courier or parcel drop-off station to TSC authorized service centre
2. Diagnostics
2. Diagnostics We will diagnose the fault and make a repair cost offer!
3. Repair
3. Repair After receiving payment the fault will be fixed!
4. Receive device
4. Receive device With courier to your door or the nearest parcel drop-off station!
Submit device for repair