Warranty and out-of-warranty (paid) repairs. 

It is possible to receive warranty and out-of-warranty repair services for all leading brand mobile devices, tablets, smart devices, smart watches, electric scooters and many more devices, that have been purchased in Latvia, as well as other European Union or European Economic Area countries. 

Types of offered services 

As the usage of mobile devices has increased over the years, everyone has had to face some type of issues with their devices, especially relating to mobile phones, almost everyone will have had some experience with mobile phone repairs – during warranty period or after it. Repairs of mobile phones can be divided into multiple categories: 

  • Warranty repair
    You can receive cost free service, software update/rewrite and mechanical repair for the leading manufacturer devices – phones, tablets, smartwatches, electric scooters and other smart devices. If the device has not been used following terms and conditions set by the manufacturer, warranty service can be refused. In such cases we can provide paid repair or return your device with technical conclusions that detail the damage that has been found. Statistically 90% of the devices submitted for warranty service are repaired for free and warranty is refused due to misuse only for 10% of the devices.
    A full list of manufacturers that have authorized us to provide service for their devices can be found here.
    Register repair and send your device for warranty service now, do not leave it to the last second. If your device has any type of error or fault, it is important to fix it as soon as possible, register your device now and send it to us or visit the nearest collection point.
    You can register your device for repair here.
  • Out-of-warranty repair
    The warranty period has ended? It’s ok! We can provide service for almost all phones or tablets, if the manufacturer has the necessary spare parts available. In this case the repair will require payment in accordance with the TSC price list. Upon request our specialists will provide you with more detailed information on repair price and specifics on the necessary repair. 
    Wish to find out the possible repair price? You can check the price calculator here.
  • Repair relating to device software
    Viruses, ads that came out of nowhere, problems with receiving calls or network connection issues – these are just a few problems that can occur to your phone. If the fault lies within the software, it is very easy to fix, but it should be noted that all of your saved data most likely will be deleted. For this reason, you should inform TSC specialist that you would like to save the data before the repair process has been started. At times problems like slower operation speed or disturbance in operation can be caused by specific applications.
  • Phone repairs relating to outer damage
    Scratched or cracked screen, damaged usb port, broken buttons – these are just a few problems that a phone user can face. Screen replacement often is necessary due to misuse – not following the usage rules and recommendations set by manufacturers, which means that the screen cannot be replaced in warranty. Our advice to all users – after repairing your device, purchase screen film or protective glass that is compatible with your device. If the protective glass is cracked it is recommended to change it as the protection level decreases after breakage. 
  • Phone repair relating to liquid damage
    These kinds of problems occur often, especially during summer. If your phone falls into water the consequences can be quite serious; for this reason, we advise you to submit your device to TSC specialists before the damage becomes irreversible.
  • Repair relating to data saving and retention
    When facing issues with devices one of the first things that worry customers is – will it be possible to retain the data, photos, documents, contact list etc. in my phone. In most cases it is possible to recover the data and save it in a separate data carrier. But it is still advisable to create your own data copies in a timely manner, which can be easily done if your online data storage is linked to the mobile device user account. 
  • Repair relating to other device problems
    At times problems with a device can occur simply do to aging of the device. This is unavoidable. Oftentimes the best solution for these problems is part replacement. 
  • Warranty service for mobile phones
    Mobile phone service offered by TSC also includes warranty repairs. Warranty repair for mobile phones is free of cost if the device has been used following the terms and conditions set by the device manufacturer. Each manufacturer has set their own warranty rules, we advise familiarizing yourself with the rules upon the purchase of a new device. Warranty repair includes updating or re-writing software, as well as mechanical repair. In essence, warranty repair is a service that is meant to fix faults that have occurred due to manufacturing or normal device usage. Warranty repair is not insurance, for this reason faults that have appeared due to misuse cannot be repaired for free. 

Most frequent reasons for warranty refusal 

  • Impact damage, the device has visible impact damage marks or is deformed, which showcases the misuse of the device 

  • Liquid damage, for example, liquids have been accidentally spilled on the device (water, coffee, tea etc.), the device has fallen into water (puddles, sea etc.) 

  • Unauthorized repair – performed by customer themself or in a nonauthorized service centre 

  • Installation of unauthorized or illegal software 

  • Deleted or damaged IMEI or serial number of the device 

  • The device has been used not abiding by terms and conditions set by the manufacturer or has been incorrectly set up. 

If we are not able to provide warranty service for the device, it is always possible to perform diagnostics or paid out-of-warranty repair. It is also possible to receive a list of faults that have been found and only after that make a decision if the device repair should be performed. 

Out-of-warranty repair for mobile phones 

Out-of-warranty service is offered in cases when the warranty period for the device has ended or the device does not match warranty criteria, due to which cost free mobile phone repair is not possible. The costs and repair time is dependent on faults found and the complexity of the repair. In each individual case more detailed information can be provided by our specialists, informing on the existing options, pricing, and the expected repair time. 

How to extend the longevity of your device by yourself? 

It is often said that the best cure is prevention. The same can be applied to mobile devices. We have compiled a few suggestions from our specialists that could aid the longevity of your device and prevent the necessity for future repairs.

  • Use protective glass
    They are not overly expensive or hard to find. They are available for all phone types and models, and you can choose between thinner protective films or proper secondary glass. It should be noted that secondary glass will provide better protection and it provides better picture quality, it does not show scratch marks easily and just provides better safety overall. If your phone falls, the protective glass might crack, but the screen itself might stay intact.
  • Purchase protective cover
    Protective covers, cases and frames are available for all mobile phones in retail outlets, their usage will extend the longevity of your device. Even though a protective case will slightly increase the size of your device it will protect it from scratches, impact damage when falling and faults caused by liquids and dirt.
  • Use licensed software
    Whether it is Android, Apple iOS, Symbian, Blackberry OS, Windows OS, BADA, Palm OS (Garnet OS), Open WebOS, Maemo, MeeGo or Verdict – it is important that the used software is licensed and legal. In this way you can avoid issues relating to automatic updates, safety and compatibility.
  • Install applications only from reliable sources
    The most used app sources – Google Play and App Store. Applications that are available from reliable sources have been checked, it is also possible to view the reviews and ratings of the app. Do not download anything from an unknown or questionable source and you will be halfway ensuring the safety of your device!
  • Back up your data
    It is possible to set automatic data backups by using your cloud account, for example, Google service, Dropbox etc. Nothing is more awful than losing your device and everything you had stored in it at once. Live carefree by setting up automatic data backup times (in case you are not sure how to set it up, ask our specialists for the best course of action). Additionally, if you switch devices, setting up your device and regaining already familiar settings will not take up much of your time. 

Nonetheless. If you are in need of mobile phone repair, remember, TSC is the biggest mobile device authorized service centre, which provides warranty services and repairs using spare parts provided by manufacturers.