About us

About us

TSC partnerships

  • TSC is the largest authorized service centre in Latvia, which on daily basis provides service for mobile phones, smart devices, tablet and other electronical devices for approximately 30 of the world’s leading device manufacturers.
  • TSC provides service to 6 out of 9 telecommunications operators in Baltics: LMT, BITE, TET, Elisa, Telia EE, Telia LT, we will gladly accept customer devices for warranty or out-of-warranty services that have been sold by other operators or retailers in TSC service points, as well as collection points of our business partners. More information on collection points and their requirements can be found in tab customer service centres.
  • TSC provides warranty service for all the devices sold by our represented manufacturers, regardless of place of purchase.
  • TSC provides insurance repairs for the leading device insurers in Baltics: Willis (LMT insurance), AON (Bite screen insurance), BTA, WarrantyExpert, TeliaInsurance, Telia Draudimas, Garantiju centras, WarrantyInsurance. 


TSC expressed in numbers 

6 2002 >150 000 10
The number of telecommunication operators that have chosen to work with TSC The year TSC was established  The number of devices repaired by TSC in 2019 The average years of experience in the field for our technicians


TSC offers 

  • TSC offers warranty, out-of-warranty and insurance repairs for the devices of the leading manufacturers – phones, tablets, electric scooters, smartwatches and other smart devices. Additionally offered services include – diagnostics, device refurbishment, logistics solutions for device forwarding to other authorized service centres in Europe and data saving.
  • The repair time does not exceed 15 days, excluding cases when it is necessary to order spare parts from the manufacturer or it is necessary to forward the device to a service centre in another EU country.
  • It is possible to receive a loan device for the duration of the repair.
  • TSC collection points are available in all Baltic countries and online.
  • You can follow the repair status on the TSC website. 


TSC quality 

  • All out-of-warranty repairs provided by TSC have 90-day warranty period.
  • The Service centre strictly follows all requirements and recommendations set by manufacturers.
  • The Service centre uses only original spare parts provided by manufacturers.
  • After repair each device is checked by quality controller.
  • Repairs are provided using the most up to date tools that are recommended by the manufacturers.
  • Qualitative pre-repair diagnostics is performed with software and tools provided by the manufacturers.
  • The service centre complies with the highest ESD standards.
  • High level of responsibility and quality is ensured by the received ISO certificates: energy efficiency standard LVS EN ISO 50001:2018, environmental management ISO 14001:2015 and quality management ISO 9001:2015. TSC places great importance in compliance with all requirements by ISO standards.
  • We value the privacy of our customers very highly, GDPR is one of our core laws. 

Send your device to our service centre or go to the nearest collection point, without a doubt, we will take care of it!