Recruitment privacy policy

Recruitment privacy policy

Last updated: [09.09.2019]  

1. General terms 
The purpose of the LMT Group privacy policy in recruitment process is to provide the candidate (hereinafter – data subject) with information on the purpose, grounds, protection of personal data processing, processing term and enforceable rights of the data subject. 

2. Data controller and contacts 
The personal data controller is LMT group company, which has announced the relevant vacancy:

  • Latvijas Mobilais Telefons, SIA (unified registration No 50003050931, registered address Ropažu street 6, Riga, LV-1039 (hereinafter – LMT);
  • LMT RETAIL & LOGISTICS SIA (unified registration NoLV40103148504, registered address Ropažu street 6, Riga, LV-1039); 

hereinafter – all together LMT Group or each individually LMT Group company. 

3. Application 
This document shall be applied for the purpose of ensuring privacy and Personal data 
protection in regard to the data subject, submitting his/her application for recruitment in 
reference to the relevant vacancy, announced by LMT Group company. 

4. Provided personal data  

4.1. Personal data is any information on the identified or identifiable individual. The following personal data categories shall be processed within the recruitment process: personal identification data, private contact information, position data, education and training data, CV data, photos, communication and conduct data (for example, references, tasks performed within recruitment process, etc.) and other information, which the person has provided at his/her discretion. 
4.2. LMT Group companies ask not to provide data that would qualify as sensitive Personal data (for example, information on one’s health condition, political opinions or family members), as well as other data, which is not necessary for the purpose of assessing your conformity to the specific position. 

5. Purpose of data processing 
LMT Group company shall process the personal data for recruitment purposes only for the 
specific vacancy or the purpose specified in the advertisement. 

6. Legal grounds of data processing  
Legal grounds of personal data processing are consent of the data subject to provide his/her data and to participate in the recruitment process for the vacancy, and compliance with the legitimate interests of LMT Group 

7. Data availability  
7.1. To ensure efficient recruitment process the LMT Group companies may authorize each other to perform individual recruitment activities, if this is necessary in relation to the vacant position, which the data subject has applied to. The relevant LMT Group company shall ensure personal data processing and protection requirements in accordance with the LMT Group standards and legal acts and shall not use data for other purposes than fulfilment of obligations.  
7.2. The LMT Group company may transfer personal data to other third parties, not included in LMT Group, for example, companies, with which LMT Group companies cooperate in performance of personality tests. Any transfer of Personal data shall be done in accordance with the applicable laws and regulations, by informing the data subject thereof and obtaining consent of the data subject. 

8. Data storage 
8.1. The Personal data of the Data subject shall be stored for 6 months after the completion of recruitment process, except for cases, when the LMT Group company protects its lawful interests. In such case the Personal data shall be deleted after completion of protection process of lawful interests. 
8.2. If the data subject will have requested to delete the submitted Personal data sooner, the LMT Group company shall reduce the Personal data storage term to 4 months starting from the moment when the data subject has been notified of the refusal for the relevant vacancy. 

9. Rights to access, correct and delete data  
9.1. The data subject shall be entitled to choose at any time whether to give or withhold consent for processing of his/her personal data, and to easily revoke the consents at any time by contacting the LTM Group company, without affecting the processing done until the revocation.  
9.2. The data subject may implement the rights of the data subject, specified in the laws and regulations, including the rights to receive information on his/her data, to object to processing, including use of lawful interest, and to submit application for correction, deletion, restriction and relocation of data, as well as submit complaint to supervising authorities, if necessary, (Data State Inspectorate) in the matters of personal data processing.  
9.3. These rights shall be enforced to the extent that the data processing does not result from the obligations of the LMT Group company, imposed by the laws and regulations. 

10. Data protection  
10.1. The Personal data shall be processed in consideration of the data confidentiality and safety requirements, by implementing relevant technical and organizational storage measures.  
10.2. As the LMT Group companies shall constantly improve and develop their activity, it is possible that this document shall be amended and supplemented from time to time. The LMT Group companies encourage to familiarize with the current version of this document on regular basis. It is available in LMT Group communication channels, including LMT Customer centres and LTM website  
10.3. The LMT Group processes Personal data in accordance with the criteria, specified by the Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data, as well as other applicable legal acts in the field of privacy and data processing. 

11. Contacts  
In case of any questions or unclear issues related to this document or Personal data processing, we encourage contacting the LMT Group company, using the contact information below or contacting the Data protection specialist:  
11.1. Registered address: Ropažu street 6, Riga, LV-1039;  
11.2. 24h free hotline: 8076 8076; 
11.3. 24-hour hotline for calls from abroad: +371 2931 9911 (if calling from European Economic Zone countries – free of charge) ;
11.4. e-mail:; 
11.5. fax: 6777 3707;  
11.6. SMS to Contact centre: 8076 8076;  
11.7. Data protection specialist: