Data saving

Data saving

Before submitting your device for service, please do not forget to save any data that is important to you. 
Upon request it is possible to save data in service – this is a paid service that needs to be requested during device submission. 

After performing the repair, it is possible to transfer the saved data to: 

  • the repaired device;
  • a new device;
  • data carrier. 

If technically possible the service centre can save the following data for all devices:

  • contact list (does not include contact lists bound to third party app accounts (WhatsApp etc.) and is stored in an online cloud service– iCloud, Google Drive, One Drive);
  • gallery – photos and videos.

Additionally, it is possible to save the following data for all devices (except Apple devices): 

  • SMS;
  • calendar entries (except the entries linked to third party application accounts and are stored in an online cloud – iCloud, Google Drive, OneDrive);
  • call history. 

It is not possible to save third party applications, as well as information that is stored in third party apps, for example, calendar entries or contacts which are stored in Google Drive. 

If you wish to save more data than listed, please do it at home by following manufacturer instructions. The service centre uses an independent, secure data saving tool, which ensures a multistep verification and data protection, thus the saved data amount can differ from the amount offered by manufacturer data saving tools. 

Data saving costs* :

  • Data saving 25.00 EUR;
  • Data saving (in cases when mechanical adjustment to save data is required) – 34.00 EUR;
  • Data saving for laptops 34.00 EUR. 

*Data saving service has varied levels of complexity, at times it requires mechanical adjustment, when for a brief period the faulty spare part needs to be replaced or if a spare part needs to be partially fixed. Costs of the service may vary, in some cases additional price for spare parts or data carrier might be added to the overall cost of data saving service.

Save your data before the repair yourself! 
We advise you to save your data yourself. Manufacturers offer the option to save data in cloud services, data carriers, in personal computers by using tools developed by the manufacturers (it is possible to download them from the websites of the specific manufacturer). 

The data saving tools offered by the leading manufacturers: