Published: 2022-08-11

Does heating up damage to my phone?

A familiar situation – you realize that you have left your phone on the dashboard of your car where it has been in direct sunlight for quite some time. Or you’re using your phone while sunbathing on the beach until it gets hotter than the sunrays. However, heat and direct sunlight are dangerous for the phone! What does phone overheating mean and how to deal with it? 

In what situations does phone overheating occur? 

A phone can overheat due to various factors. The three most common scenarios are: 

  • overheating due to excessive use (playing games or watching tv shows for long periods of time); 

  • overheating due to usage during charging;

  • overheating due to direct sunlight or being in a hot environment, for example, sauna. 

There is no reason for worry if your phone heats up a little while it is being used. The body of the phone is narrow, and it contains many small parts which are not able to cool off immediately. However, if your phone gets hot enough that it can no longer be held with ease, or the phone has heated up due to being in the sun for an extended period of time it can cause serious damage. In summer we also tend to forget about our smartwatches – they can also overheat, but unlike phones they are always in direct contact with skin and if they start to overheat it can leave marks on your arms. 

In cases of mild overheating your phone or smartwatch might start to work slower, or the battery might discharge quicker, however, if an overheated phone is left in the sun or heat for a long period of time it can result in a broken screen or melting of the processor – the data saved in your phone might get irreversibly deleted and the phone itself might be irreversibly damaged. 

What are the causes for a phone to heat up? 

If a phone is left in the sun the whole body will heat up, but if the phone heats up during daily use it is worthwhile understanding the reasons for it. It is possible for different parts to heat up: 

  • the upper part of the phone, around/near the speaker – usually heats up during long phone calls – usually there is no danger for the device form this, but it could become unpleasant when holding the phone to the ear; 

  • the back of the phone in the battery area – the battery is heating up. If this happens during charging, it is advised to replace the charger, if it continues happening with a new charger or outside of charging, it is possible that it may be time to replace the battery; 

  • the back of the phone above the battery – if the battery area is not hot, but the upper part of the phone is, then the phone system could be to blame. Submit your device for service to prevent further damage! 

  • phone screen – the screen should not heat up during regular use. Unfortunately, it’s time for your device to be sent to service! 

How to protect your phone from overheating? 

A healthy life for your phone begins with prevention – first of all, take care of your device, to reduce the chances of it heating up. 

If it seems that the phone itself tends to get too hot: 

  • check whether there are too many apps working at the same time, whether there is continuous data synchronization etc.; 

  • perform device maintenance – uninstall apps and features that are not being used, perform automatic device maintenance and optimization, in device settings you can find information on apps that consume battery power the most. 

  • check if the latest version of operating system software has been installed. Do not forget to update all of your apps and services as well. 

  • However, if your device continues to heat up, send it for a check-up – request diagnostics and repair! 

In other cases, it is necessary to take standard precautions, especially in hot weather:

  • do not leave your phone in the sun, especially on the dashboard of your car – it operates like magnifying glass and increases the effects caused by the sun;
  • during summer do not leave your phone in the car or other closed off spaces that tend to heat up – your phone will heat up together with the space;
  • do not bring your phone or smartwatch to the sauna or a hot club; 

NB! It is very important to not leave your phone in direct sunlight or on/under a blanket during charging as the device usually heats up a little during charging and sunrays or a blanket can enhance the heating. 

What should be done if your phone has overheated? 

To avoid causing more harm due to improper device cooling, everyone would benefit from knowing first aid for an overheated phone or smartwatch. 

You cannot go wrong by following these steps: 

  • take your phone out of the protective case; 

  • switch it off; 

  • leave it in a cool and shaded place, but under no circumstances place it in the refrigerator – this will damage the device! 

  • when the phone has cooled down it can be switched on and you can check if it works properly. 

If the phone does not cool down and continues to heat up, it should be submitted to service, do not try to repair it by yourself – to avoid health concerns and the possibility of burning yourself. 

We perform diagnostics for all devices that are submitted for service, it helps to assess the extent of the damage and to find the potential solutions. After finding the issue we will contact you to let you know if it will be possible to repair the device and how much it would cost, you can also calculate the price yourself.  All actions that will be taken will be carried out in accordance with the instructions of the device manufacturer, using certified tools, the most suitable methods and modern equipment. If it will be necessary to replace spare parts, most often the battery, the replacement will be done using original spare parts, as we are an authorized service centre. 

Trust us with your device – register a repair!