Published: 2020-01-31

Device repair

TSC provides: 


Warranty repair 

Out-of-warranty (paid) repair 

Repair of insured devices 

Data saving 

Device refurbishment 

Logistics solutions for repairs in other authorized service centres 

It is important for TSC to provide high quality services for our customers and partners, and we excel in this. Customer satisfaction rates are very high every year, as well as in yearly leading manufacturer audits we receive evaluations that reach up to 100 percent execution in all service requirements.  

We work to provide maximum ease to You in situations when Your device does not work as it should. 

Where can you submit your device for service? 

1. Register your device for repair on our website and send it to service by courier or parcel machines. Here 

2. TSC Apple authorized service centre, Blaumaņa iela 5a-1F, Riga (entrance from Tērbatas iela) – only for APPLE products. 

3. TSC authorized service centre, Rēzeknes iela 5a, Riga – for all leading manufacturer devices. More information on authorizations available here 

4. Submit your device through one of our partner operators, who will send the device to TSC service centre – LMT (accepts devices from any operator or retailer), BITE (only devices sold by Bite), TET (only devices sold by TET).