Published: 2020-12-10

Repair of samsung devices

Many people choose to purchase and use Samsung devices as the quality, design and functionality of their devices has been developed to a high standard. Nevertheless, such high-level devices can encounter performance issues or get damaged, repair for such devices needs to be entrusted to professionals that with the help of the manufacturer has learned the finer details of all repair processes, so that after disassembly there is no impact on its quality, water resistance and functionality. TSC guarantees high-level repair performance, which is based not only in claims, but also on receiving highest performance evaluation by the manufacturer in yearly audits. 

Entrust your Samsung device for WARRANTY, PAID or INSURANCE repair to TSC and receive professional service. 

TSC provides service for the following Samsung devices: 



smart watches; 

smart bands; 

wireless earphones; 

Gear devices. 

If your device is not listed here, but you have purchased it from LMT, TET, BITE, please check here.