Published: 2020-03-01

Repair of insured devices

We work in partnership with the following insurance companies: 

Willis Towers Watson (Insurance for devices sold by LMT) 

AON (Screen insurance for Bite) 

Warranty Expert (Insurance for devices sold by TET and other retailers) 

BTA - repair for electronic devices that are included in property, travel, or other types of insurance. 

IF insurance   - repairs of electronic devices that are included in mobile phone and household appliance insurances. 

Swedbank P&C Insurance AS Latvijas filiāle - repairs of electronic devices included in Property, Travel and Purchase insurances 

Balcia - repairs of devices included in property, travel or other types of insurances. 

If you have another insurer, it is advised to contact your insurer before submitting your device for repairs and reach an agreement that the device will be repaired by us. If necessary, it is possible to perform diagnostics and provide a technical conclusion with repair costs before the repair is done. 

Before submitting your device for repair, it is necessary to inform your insurer on the insurance case, the insurer will provide an insurance claim number. 

If you already have insurance claim number, you can apply for repair: here 

If you do not have insurance claim number, you can receive it from your insurance company, additional information available here 

Insurance for devices is a great way to protect yourself in cases when your beloved phone, tablet or smartwatch accidentally falls or is damaged in another manner, insurance will be able to protect you from significant expenses. 

When a phone falls the screen suffers in most cases, for an insured phone this will not leave a significant impact on the user’s wallet, but by choosing a paid repair the costs can reach several hundred euros.