Published: 2020-10-27

Now replace your iphone screen cheaper


  • Original spare parts directly from the manufacturer 

  • Abiding all manufacturers recommendations and procedures during replacement 

  • Usage of professional and calibrated equipment 

  • Apple authorized service centre 

  • Apple trained and certified technicians  

Submitting your Apple device for service is very easy: 

  1. Register and send your device here 

  2. TSC authorized Apple centre - Blaumaņa ielā 5a-1F, Rīgā  

  3. TSC authorized service centre - Rēzeknes ielā 5a, Rīgā 

  4. By submitting through operators that will send Your device to TSC service centre – –LMT (accepts devices from any operator or retailer), BITE (only devices sold by Bite), TET (only devices sold by TET).