Published: 2020-04-10

Repair for all devices

For operators – LMT, Bite and TET, TSC also provides service for devices that are not listed in the manufacturer authorization list. For these devices we provide logistics services to authorized service centres in the European Union. 

What should be done if you do not see your device model or manufacturer in the device list?  

Choose ‘other manufacturer’ 

Choose ‘other model’ 

Proceed repair request registration following the standard procedure 

Please add proof of purchase, if device is submitted for warranty repair 

Important, please take note of the size of your device, not all devices can fit in the parcel machine, if the device with packaging exceeds the largest compartment size, please choose courier services. Information on parcel machine sizes can be found on our partner’s websites: Omniva here and DPD here 

TSC will provide repair of these device in our service or safely forward them to other services in European Union Member states, as not all manufacturer services are located in Latvia. We are the official service provider for devices sold by LMT, Bite and TET, you can safely send us any of your devices – smart devices, computers, entertainment devices and other gadgets. 


1. We provide various types of repairs for all manufacturers that we have been authorized by, full list of authorizations available here. 

2. It does not matter where the device has been purchased, you can send it to us, if we provide services for the manufacturer. However, devices that are not on our authorization list can be sent to us only if they have been purchased from LMT, Bite and TET, as for these retailers we provide logistics services to all authorized service centres in Europe. 

3. If you are not sure if you can send your device to us for warranty or paid repair, please send us an email at